Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Work Study Factor

I NEED A JOB.....No a job on campus! 

One of the best discoveries I ever made as an undergrad was when I learned about work study positions.  At first I had a lot of trouble finding one but eventually I found my fit.

The beauty in work study positions is that the employer knows you have a lot going on. There will never be over scheduling because the the payment is based on financial aid (most times) and your boss knows you have classes.

The issue is a lot of people take work study positions for granted.  They don't think that that money adds up or they don't get paid enough. From personal experience I can tell you it's probably best to see what work study jobs are available on campus before you look for a job off campus.  That way you can work when you're free and not just if they feel like calling you in..

ALWAYS take your work study seriously though.  If you work at 12 don't come in at 1 just because you feel like it. Remember the word work is in the title and they have every right to let you go just like an off campus job. A lot of students apply for work study positions usually so don't forget someone is always on the waiting list.

My work study turned out being the best job I've ever had. And every year since I was a sophomore I anxiously await going back to work. AND TRUST ME it's hard work sometimes but at the end of the month when I get my check I'm all smiles


Midterm Week:   Starting today check yourself every time you say something. If it's not positive maybe you shouldn't say it. There is huge line between being honest and being nasty.

I'll be away next week so this will be the last post until July 17. In the meantime tell your friends about the blog spread the word!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Greek Life Manifesto

The Fraternity doesn't make you, You make the Fraternity.

Just so you guys are aware I am in a Fraternity. And some people may say "It's buying friends," or "It's not worth it." TRUST ME It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 

Today's post I actually wrote a long while ago when I first joined my organization in Fall of 2012. And everything I said in that post is true today.

This blog shouldn't make my non Greek Friends want to join a Fraternity but rather it's me expressing why I'm still very glad that I did!  Not only do I love my brothers, I love my organization, and I love my school's Greek Community! These are the reasons I love being Greek.

First: The Brotherhood/Family: I don't think Greek Life is buying friends. It’s about the common bond you share with the men or women in your org. For me my brother is in that organization and I always admired the bond he shared and still does share with his chapter and other brothers. I remember being around them and being treated like everyone’s little brother. I loved that I wanted nothing more to be apart of that brotherhood when I was old enough. Every moment with is like being with family. Yeah we argue but at the end of the day it’s nothing but love.  It’s exactly what I knew it would be and actually even more! 
SECOND: NETWORKING: I mean I just got here so I don’t really know that much about this aspect. But from all orgs (both NPHC and IFC/PanHel) I see some amazing notable alumni.  I know alot of people in my org who are CEO’s, entertainers, and innovators.  I can’t wait to go to conferences and meetings and shake hands with those people.  I can’t wait to be a big name someday and I do the same thing! 
Third: Responsibility:  Before I  joined  I was pretty well known on my campus. I held presidential positions on campus, But now I feel like I represent more than myself I’m reflecting an image for my org. When I go to a groups program or event or party I am a rep for my org and my chapter. 
Fourth: Social Life: Just being real I love parties and dances. I remember seeing people stroll or hang out with their organizations. I remember going to step shows and seeing frats and sororities. I love that I can be apart of that now.  

Now Back to the present. As I said I love Greek life and other Greeks will tell you it is a lot of work keeping the chapter afloat but in the end you make lifelong friends and memories! My advice today isn't to go out and be Greek but just to find a club or organization (Greek or Non Greek) that makes you feel this way! 

Homework for the Week:  Get creative, take a piece of paper and draw something or write something short even if your not an artist. Keep your mind stimulated because for us college kids summer is almost over! =/

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All Work....When I can I Play?

There's a Party Saturday? Aw I Have to Study! 

College is all about getting that quality education. REMEMBER SCHOOL IS ALWAYS FIRST. 

But that doesn't mean you should neglect the fun aspect of school.  Remember this the time to have a good time and get out and meet people.

HOWEVER, remember you need to be smart. Just because Mommy and Daddy aren't around to say come in the house doesn't mean you SHOULD come strolling in the dorm at 8 AM smelling like beer and shame.

Of course parties are essential and a huge part of the college lifestyle. But stay classy. Don't let freedom change the way you operate.  At every party ask yourself, "Will I be okay with this decision when I wake up tomorrow?" If the answer is no Keep it moving.

Now there is always nights where we "throw caution to the wind" BUT that should not be every night. Don't do the opposite either though.  Don't just spend your life in your room while everyone else on campus is living it up.

There are some weekends where I don't mind getting some homework done, or just watching movies with my roommates or something. But I also have those weekends where I go out and enjoy my youth.

OH and for my 21+ friends out there it's okay to play 'sober sister' sometimes. Good Time does not mean Get Drunk. And when it starts too maybe you should take a break.


Homework for the Week:  Expand your horizons. Talk to some people you don't usually talk too and get to know some new people. Not only will you see a change in yourself but you'll make some amazing memories!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Ramen Theory

WAIT. So Ramen isn't a Food Group? 

Being in College has given me a new appreciation for Ramen noodles. I mean picture this:

It's 2 AM you're working on a paper and you realize you may have forgotten to grab something from the cafe before it closed.  But never fear because you had a year supply of Ramen under your bed waiting to be microwaved.

I mean when you are a broke college student Ramen can be the best instant meal in the world.  And with all these new flavors and recipes coming out there always a variety  to choose from.

All you have to do is search Ramen recipes and see what the rest of the world is adding to their favorite flavor of Ramen.

Now I'm sure some of my (soon to be) Freshman readers aren't aware of the Ramen craze yet.

Well I'm just letting you know Ramen is one of the essentials in a college diet. And after awhile it becomes like Milk and Butter and when we go grocery shopping we have to get some Ramen Noodles too.

One thing I can say collegiate life has taught me that Ramen is good anytime of the day for any reason. You can never go wrong with Ramen.


Homework for the Week: Make sure you're calendar is order, don't overbook anything and make it a habit to check your to do list/calendar everyday.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Growth Process

Okay so here's the thing....

When we come to college we are told that it is ultimately to find a decent job, make a substantial amount of money, and become productive members of society.  All of that is extremely true.  

The point of college however is not to find a job that you can just make a decent living off of . It is to find yourself in the process.  

College is about trying new things and learning about yourself as an adult.  

I mean when we get here we've been established for many years. We have all of our friends back at home, we have these ideas of meeting our spouses and some more life long friends but I don't think college first timers ever think about meeting themselves in the process. 

I mean college is already intimidating:  we don't remember how to meet people,  we've never been this far from our families before, and now we are forced to become adults.  


For all my College freshman (or soon to be) this growth will be a process you probably won't realize right away but every time you go home someone will bring up that you sound different.  Especially that first summer break. WOW people will notice things that have changed about you that you haven't even seen yet. 

For my upper classmen companions think about when you first got to your college or university even if your are a commuter. And the melting pot that you experienced. Suddenly there are 1000's of people who are just as ambitious, just as excited about the world.  Suddenly there was something new and childlike about this planet where we were finally living in it.  

Trust me my freshman friends it is an amazing experience and hopefully this blog will give some great advice to you guys! 


Homework for this week: When you feel stress take a deep breath and keep moving forward. In The words of a great mentor of mine, "Don't Be Self Defeating!"